Schünemann has been successfully active for more than 80 years with technical competence and experience in the areas of special valves, filters and filtration systems. Schünemann's products have high quality requirements and are partially used under extreme conditions.

TM Induction heating was founded in 1992. Ever since that day they have worked on perfecting the technique and perfecting the equipment. They started out as a small workshop set up by specialists who thought they knew better, and could do a better job. They wanted to create a solution that would be cheaper than the conventional methods (e.g. using an oven or torches) and with a relatively small environmental footprint. Their point has been proven by the fact that we are now a business with over a dozen employees in the Netherlands, but more impressive, active in over fifty countries around the world.

AMETEK is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced analytical, test and measurement instrumentation for the energy, aerospace, power, research, medical and industrial markets.